28th International Complement Workshop

"Germany is the Home of Complement – Bring complement back to its roots to Paul Ehrlich"

August 22–26, 2021 • Berlin, Germany

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Modern Complement Day

The "Modern Complement Workshop" welcomes leading experts in the field of complement, complement diagnostics and complement mediated diseases. This workshop is integrated into the International Complement Workshop in Berlin, ICW 2021, in August 2021 and follows a new format which builds on the success of previous meetings. This one day workshop addresses the challenges of complement mediated diseases regarding mechanisms, diagnostics, existing treatments, as well as new therapies which are developing. The workshop will start with state of the art lectures on complement, progress on modern complement assays and diagnostics, followed by lectures on complement mediated diseases. Leading experts in the field present relevant topics and will report on ongoing clinical trials. The meeting is aiming for exchange between academics, industry and biotech companies and will in addition provide a platform for discussion and networking in the broad field of complement.

The "Modern Complement Day 2021" workshop is suited for scientists, clinicians, researcher with interest in the field of complement and complement mediated diseases, biopharmaceutical industry, biotech companies for research organizations and for patients groups.

Topics include:

  • State of the art introduction on complement

  • Complement assays, overview provided by researchers and experts from academia, industry and biotech companies

  • Determining complement activation markers and deposited components in tissues and (renal) biopsies

  • State of the art overview on complement mediated diseases

  • including ANCA, Membranous Nephropathy, C3 Glomerulopathy, Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, aHUS, Autoimmune HUS (DEAP-HUS), Age related macular degeneration (AMD), generalized Myastenia gravis (gMG), Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH).

Join this workshop and the ICW 2021 in Berlin and meet friends, make new friends, meet the leading world experts in the field and discuss the latest advancements in the field of complement.

The "Modern Complement Day 2021" is looking forward to welcoming you in the European city of Berlin.

Prof. Peter F. Zipfel and Prof. Christine Skerka
Congress Chairs